Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Home in a few days

Hi followers, I am having the finally sale this thanksgiving weekend at the LLVS...please watch for my times etc on face page here. I am visiting in the great UK with family and new grandchild Samuel. I am closing the shop after this long weekend. Opened Friday- Sat- Sun. 10 to 4 everyday.
Please come by and get some super deals on all items... Watch on my facebook page as above address to see where I may be next year.... Kathy

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Cooler weather?

Hello everyone in blogger land.. Well, the fall has arrived and getting cooler in the shop.. I have been open at the shop on shorter hrs.. Fri- Sat and by chance Sunday...everyone has headed back home for school and other fall activities which make it quite In the shop... I am seeing some nice couples travelling and having a nice vacation once they have there university- college students tucked into there rooms...and classes... Being quite  we have decided to take a vacation to UK to visit our new grandson and his wonderful strong positive parents... Therefore I will be closed sept 22nd to oct 9th to be back for the last and final weekend and year... Yes, I have decided to give up my shop after 10 yrs in the business.. It is bittersweet But I feel confident in my decision .. Not them I have given up creating and thrifting , you my see me in some other form wether  on studio tours out of my nice new shed or at an outdoor market somewhere.. Will keep you all posted.. Thx all you followers...

Monday, 11 August 2014

Summer is been arriving slowly .

Hello to all my followers.. I can't believe  it is  August already and this is my first post for a long time.
I have been posting photos and comment on my Facebook page , keeping everyone informed..
The weather is wonderful  here on the peninsula the shop has been a buzzing with activity, it was a slow start for the season but it seems to be picking up..  I am having a fun time making nautical items for all my cottage clients... I am open Thurs to Sun  10 till 4 ish , but Wed seems to be a by chance day.. I try and open when the town is busy.., catch the buyers while they our on the Bruce. Hoping to get my stock down before the summer disappears . Come on up for a visit, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Shop is open and doing great..

Yes, the shop is warmer now, the customer have arrived and life is good.. It is great to be back among my collection of repurposed , renewed furniture ,jewelry - new clothing ,hats and much more  The shop is overflowing  along with my shed and garage... I have plenty to keep me busy on my 3 days that the shop is closed..
Please drop in if every find your way up to the beautiful Bruce Peninsula, you won't regret what you will discover in my shop and in Lions Head.. My hrs at the Lofty Lion Vintage Shop will be as follows.
Thurs-Friday-Sat - Sun... 10 till 4 .. The remainder of the season , my other days consist of hunting treasures-painting- sewing and auction going..  Keeping the shop stocked is a full time job...hope to see you over the summer.. Cheers Kathy

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spring has sort of arrived on the Bruce Pen...

Hello my patient blog follower.. I am finally working in the shop getting it all spruced up for the season... I am aiming for Mothers Day .. Hrs will be Sat-May 10th &Sun May 11 th 10till 4.. All of my repurposed Furniture is making it way slow to a special spot in the shop.. Of course it has been a lot of rearranging , painting, cleaning done in the last few weeks... My new hat order has arrived along with jewelry , yoga wear, warm cozy sweaters and great coloured scarves to get us in the summer mood... Plenty of crystal glass ware and dishes that I have collected through the winters hunting season . So if you are in the area of Lions Head please take a drive off the highway and come and have a peek at our lovely town and of course my shop.  The Lofty  Lion Vintage  84 Main St.. Across from the RBC bank and Rachels diner... Hope to see you over the summer if not this weekend...check me out on Facebook or explore the Bruce website.... Cheers Kathy

Monday, 10 March 2014

December has arrived on the Bruce Pen..

Well , snow is piled high  on the steps of the LoftyLVS.. all items have been tucked in their places and draped with sheets for the long winter ahead...doesn't mean I have stopped .. I dug out my vintage spindle 3/4  wooden beds that I picked up last year at a country auction, once again my husband questioned  my reason for buying those, I don't have a use for them now! But I will find a way to up cycle and breath new life into these amazingly crafted spindle pcs.. So I calibrated with my brother and together we  reincarnation  them into a beautiful useful bench. I then plugged in my early! (Xmas present ) air pressure tank and upholstery gun and went to work making her a dress to drape  her fine lines...

So much snow.. Nowhere to go.. Except my workshop...

Hello folks.. I am back from a few vacations.. Visiting daughters, grandchildren.. And doing some thrifting, as may have noticed on Facebook page LOFTY LION VINTAGE SHOP  which I have been posting my finds and projects.. I took a walk to town to visit the shop, could not find the front door entrance, had to climb over and into snow to my knees to get in to the back door..The shop is wintering well so that was nice to see.. Hope the snow starts to melt in order to get in the front doors..
May long weekend is the timeline to open for weekend business.. I am working on a few furniture items which will be posted on  Instagram and Facebook once they are finished.. Until then stay safe and warm. Kathy